About Us

Diamond Development + Construction Group

AIA Architects and Designers in Houston, Texas

Diamond Development + Construction Group is a firm of architects, interior designers, project managers and support staff with an unrelenting focus on client service.

Our firm's practice is premised on the belief that the public is entitled to buildings that do not by their very being threaten the aesthetic and cultural values of the buildings around them. We do not believe that any one style is appropriate to every building and every place. We are an idea-driven firm dedicated to providing innovative, customized solutions and seamless delivery to our clients.

Established in 2008, as the 25 year successor of Hawthorne Architects, Inc., Diamond Development has worked with corporate, government and private clients to design major public and resort spaces, health care, hospitality, assisted living, office and residential towers, industrial, speciality, and single family residential projects across the United States and into more than a dozen foreign countries. We have been involved in more than 2.6 billion dollars of projects representing millions of square feet.

Although design, budgets and schedules are important, we believe that clear communication and a defined concept is the key element to a successful project. We strive for client education from the beginning of the project to make sure that everyone understands what is going to be done, what the scope really is, and what the cost really represents. We strive for contractor education by making our documents precise, accurate and simple to understand with very little room for interpretation. Finally, we strive for project continuity by having one team responsible for the entire project, from conception through completion. This process results in tighter bids, fewer change orders and a better project for all concerned.

Our work is our trademark. Our goal is to provide the Owner with the best value for his dollar and the contractor with a set of documents that clearly defines the job to be performed. This commitment is the key behind our continued growth and survival . . . for satisfied owners and contractors are the only marketing tools that we use.