Firm Profile

Diamond Development + Construction Group is a consulting firm offering a broad range of professional services.

Our staff is composed of architects and engineers dedicated to the complete construction process. We believe that this gives us greater depth in the area of building design and cost control than would otherwise be possible.

During the first 15 years, we expanded our operations to include design-build services and grew to 45 employees with hundreds of subcontractors. By the late 90's we realized that this was not the direction we wanted to go. Although our clients were happy, we no longer enjoyed the design process from an Architect's perspective. We were becoming high profile, fast-tract contractors with architectural and engineering capabilities. In 1998, we chose to cease our out-of-house construction operations, although we still build projects in which we were a partner, and refocus our energy toward the architectural profession.

Along with this reorganization, and as a way of expanding without facility needs, we began to utilize the Internet (combined with high speed modems and integrated software) to employ off site personnel as needed. Today, we have over a dozen home-based architects located across the state. Most of these are talented mothers who choose to stay at home with their family, others are employed Architects who enjoy working on our projects, and several are students. Our door is always open and new talent finds us every day.

Our Projects are noted by contractors and many cities as "some of the best around" and our documents second to none. Perhaps this is due to our integrated background or construction experience. Or perhaps it is due to our commitment and understanding of what the goal really is: to produce the best value for the dollar invested. Whatever the reason, we continually strive to improve our product and believe that it is this commitment to excellence that ultimately pays off for our clients.